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translating exceptions

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All of my ServerResource subclasses have methods containing exception translation boilerplate, like this:

public class MyResource extends MyBaseResource {
    public Foo getFoo() {
        Foo result = null;
        try {
            result = ....
        catch (RuntimeException e) {
        return result;

and then MyBaseResource implements doCatch like this:

    protected void doCatch(final RuntimeException e) {
        Class<?> exceptionClass = e.getClass();
        if (IllegalArgumentException.class.isAssignableFrom(exceptionClass)) {
            // chain & translate to a 400
            throw new ResourceException(Status.CLIENT_ERROR_BAD_REQUEST, e.getMessage(), e);
        if (UnsupportedOperationException.class.isAssignableFrom(exceptionClass)) {
            // chain & translate to a 405
            throw new ResourceException(Status.CLIENT_ERROR_METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED, e.getMessage(), e);
        /* etc.... I have some other custom exception classes that I map to other HTTP statuses. */

        throw e;

It would be nice if I didn't have to put that try/catch boilerplate in all my @Get, @Put, @Post, etc. methods.

I was thinking that a method like
    protected ResourceException translateException(final RuntimeException e)

defined on ServerResource would be nice to have.  It could be called from ServerResource.doHandle if an exception is thrown, giving the resource object a chance to do the translation to a ResourceException.  If that method returned null, then ServerResource could do its own translation.