restlet gwt i18n problem(for Russian lang)

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restlet gwt i18n problem(for Russian lang)

Walker Zhang
I'm using restlet-gwt to call web service on server. It works fine for locales like 'en' or 'fr', but the XHR failed to be sent to server due to error in RequestBuilder when I switched to 'ru'. The headers map is:
{Host=localhost:8080, Date=Пт, 11 июля 2014 01:58:21 UTC, User-Agent=Restlet-Framework/2.0.14, Accept=application/json} and the value for Date is causing the following the error:
Caused by: (TypeError): Cannot convert string to ByteString because the character at index 0 has value 1063 which is greater than 255.
    at org.restlet.client.engine.http.GwtClientCall.sendRequest(
    at org.restlet.client.engine.http.adapter.ClientAdapter.commit(
    at org.restlet.client.engine.http.HttpClientHelper.handle(
    at org.restlet.client.Client.handle(
    at org.restlet.client.resource.ClientResource.handle(

I'm using GWT 2.2 and Restlet-gwt 2.1.7
Please any help will be highly appreciated!


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