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Unicode in POST body

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I have a RESTlet v2.1.2 method like this:

public Representation doPost(Representation entity) throws UnsupportedEncodingException {
  Request request = getRequest();
  String entityAsText = request.getEntityAsText();
  logger.info("entityAsText = " + entityAsText + " Üüÿê");

in the Cygwin console it prints:

2015-04-19 22:07:27 INFO  BaseResource:46 - entityAsText = {
} ▄³ Û

As you can see the Üüÿê is printed as ▄³ Û. The characters Üüÿê are also in the POST body of SOAP UI. But they're printed as ?????. I have an implemantation which does not use RESTlet where this works. So the settings in SOAP UI are not the problem. (The POST body is in Application/JSON btw.)

How can I extract the unicode chars Üüÿê from the POST body without getting them as ??????? ?