Two new beta products for Restlet

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Two new beta products for Restlet

Tal Liron
After many dev releases, I'm happy to announce the betas for two new products of interest to Restlet users.

Both of these products require JVM 6+, but also make use of the new Nashorn engine when run on JVM 8.


This is a package/bootstrapping manager for the JVM. It comes with skeletons for many platforms and frameworks, among them Restlet. Using the Restlet skeleton, you can quickly and easily install Restlet and its extensions into a container, and write simple JavaScript code to bootstrap your component, connectors, virtual hosts, and applications.

Easy-to-install and easy-to-use Sincerity plugins include support for high-performance logging (based on Log4j 2.0), and Tanuki service wrapper. No need to keep reinventing wheels for every new Restlet project! With Sincerity, you can thus focus on writing your Restlet resources instead of assembling a component.

Sincerity will download/upgrade packages from any Maven-type repository, but additionally supports very useful extended features. Three Crickets now maintains a free online repository with Sincerity-empowered packages.


This is a complete re-imagining of the web page and web API platform since version 1.1. As before, it comes with state-of-the-art scalability features (integrated caching, clustering), but now features vastly easier configuration and deployment, and a simplified and enriched API. The documentation is especially comprehensive and friendly.

Prudence 2.0 was is designed on top of Sincerity, indeed as an extension of the Restlet skeleton mentioned above. (Sincerity was, in fact, was originally designed for deploying Prudence, but has proved generally effective.)

Prudence lets you write RESTful resources and web pages in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Lua, Groovy or Clojure.