Tutorial Example 6: "Serving static files" not working

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Tutorial Example 6: "Serving static files" not working

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After some hassle I managed to download Restlet 2.2.2 and started doing the Tutorials.
Everything worked fine (as long as I don't look to close into the Restlet source code, no kidding) until Example 6 from here: http://restlet.com/learn/tutorial/2.2/
No matter what I do, the only response in the browser after calling http://localhost:8182 is: "Not Found - The server has not found anything matching the request URI".
Of course I changed the file root to something valid on my System ("file:///D:/test/" with D: being a totally normal harddrive partition).

I also tried that example from the restlet.examples src in the 2.2.2 zip file (class "Part06_ServeStaticFiles").
But with the same result (obviously, as it is almost identical source code apart from the different port and such).

Is that 2.2 example out of date for version 2.2.2?

I would ask if I did something wrong, but given you believe me that "D:/test" is valid on my machine, I haven't done anything except starting the provided example and all others before worked perfectly fine.

Can someone help?

second attempt after my account has been manually cleared to post: