ServerServlet load Application eagerly?

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ServerServlet load Application eagerly?

I'm passing in an org.restlet.application param to the ServerServlet and the application doesn't load until the first request actually comes in. That is what I would expect of course and the source code shows that lazy initialization is what the authors were trying to achieve. But for my purpose I need the Application to load eagerly (when the ServerServlet loads) since my Application and ServerResource objects are not only taking requests but are also part of a scheduling framework. I suppose what I am asking for are suggestions for the simplest way to load the Application object into the ServerServlet eagerly. I am willing to extend ServerServlet if I have to. Any suggestions?

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Re: ServerServlet load Application eagerly?

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Any updates to this question?  I too am wanting my Application class to initialize when my container(Tomcat) is started.

I've tried the following with no luck:


I have read suggestion of subclassing ServerServlet but would rather not have to do that.

Any other suggestions?