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Server, Client, Object conversion questions from StackOverflow

Thierry Templier-3
One great feature of the Restlet framework is its ability to plug external tools into your applications. This can be done at different levels to quote a few:
  • Server: the element responsible to handle HTTP requests within server applications
  • Client: the tool to use to execute HTTP requests from clients
  • Object conversion: the tool to use to convert request payload into object and response object into response text 
Registrations for each type are transparent for the application code. You simply need to put JAR files of Restlet extensions that contain such elements. For example, to use a Jetty server simply add the org.restlet.ext.jetty.jar into your classpath. The same can be done to use Jackson for conversion.

Some questions on StackOverflow are related to this issue because by default Restlet uses an internal HTTP server that should be used for development only and is not suitable for production. A best practice consists of configuring tools like Jetty for both internal server and client to execute HTTP requests.

Some of the related questions are listed below:

Feel free to discuss these issues.

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