Restlet Framework 2.3 RC1 and 2.2.3 released

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Restlet Framework 2.3 RC1 and 2.2.3 released

Jerome Louvel-3
Hi all,

We have just released version 2.3 RC1 that will soon become our new "stable" version, as well a 2.2.3 that includes several bug fixes including a critical security fix for Directory. Please test and send any feed-back, 2.3.0 is planned for next week!

Recent changes in the 2.3 branch include:
  • support for SPDY via the Jetty 9.2 extension,¬†
  • automatic serialization of Java exceptions as HTTP error responses on both client-side and server-side via the @Status annotation, StatusService and ConverterService,
  • an enhanced APISpark extension including an API introspector for Restlet API/JAX-RS API/Jackson annotations as well as a firewall service with rate limitation (integration with APISpark is optional),
  • compatibility with GWT 2.7,
  • Jackson extension now configured to produce more compact JSON by ignoring null values by default,
  • update HTTP client connectors timeout default value to prevent connections to stay around forever if not consumed,
  • Swagger 1.2 & 2.0, RAML 0.8 ¬†support added and improved via dedicated extensions
Changes log for 2.3:

To download those version: