Restlet Framework 2.3.3 released

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Restlet Framework 2.3.3 released

Jerome Louvel-3
Hi all,

We have just released a maintenance version on the stable branch. Here is the changes log:

    - Bugs fixed
       - Redirector does not translate response's entity location reference.
         Issue #1069.
       - Fixed tunnelFilter. + symbol (%2b) converted incorrectly when media 
         query parameter is used. Issue #804.
         Reported by Rob Elsner.
       - Fixed never ending call when an exception happens while writing the 
         response's entity using the internal HTTP server connector.
         Issue #1061. Reported by Gernot Pansy.
       - Prevented insertion of query params into POST request for JAX-RS client.
         Issue #1072. Reported by Edouard Mercier.
       - Fixed NPE when OAuth refresh token request when no scope is provided. 
         Issue #1080. Reported by Gernot Pansy.
       - Internal HTTP client doesn't fail anymore with null values in headers.
       - Improved robustness of Swagger translation code (import/export).
       - Fixed security scheme issue in RAML translator.
    - Enhancements
       - Allowed spaces in the values of the Java methods annotations. Issue #1099.
       - Added support for Chromium browser when extracting user agent info.
       - Added Swagger 2.0 import support in Swagger and APISPark extensions.

Download link: