Restlet Framework 2.2 RC4 released

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Restlet Framework 2.2 RC4 released

Jerome Louvel-3
Hi all,

Version 2.2 RC4 version is now ready for testing. This is the last version before 2.2.0 next week which will become the new stable release of Restlet Framework.

Here are the main changes:
  • Swagger extension was updated to version 2.1
    • TODO: support for Restlet API beside JAX-RS API and Swagger UI embedding
  • several SSL/HTTPS bugs were fixed
    • includes better org.restlet.ext.nio connector stability
  • better support for empty response entities
To download, follow this link, including a way to get notified by email of new releases:

Also, automated builds based on Travis CI and its nice integration with GitHub (including pending pull requests) are now passing:

I've also added this visual button at the bottom of the GitHub project page: