Migration to the new Google Group finished!

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Migration to the new Google Group finished!

Guillaume Laforge
Hi all,

As you certainly know by now, we've migrated the old Tigris "discuss" list to this new Google Groups based mailing-list.

We have migrated all the subscriptions we were aware of (as Tigris doesn't easily let us get access to the list of subscribers), but we might have missed some accounts. So if you have colleagues that don't receive emails anymore, don't hesitate to tell them about this new discussion place!

You can access this Google Group with this URL, if you prefer a forum-like approach:

Or you can post directly via email to: framework-discuss at restlet.org

From now on, thanks for posting your questions, suggestions, contributions, here.

I'm looking forward to our fruitful conversations on this new list!

Thanks for your attention and your continued support of Restlet Framework!

Guillaume Laforge
Product Ninja & Advocate at Restlet

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