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GitHub issues reorganization

Jerome Louvel-3
Hi all,

In preparation of the new Restlet Framework 3.0 dev cycle, some clean-up was due in our GitHub issue tracker.

I have just reorganized the tags for clarity and constency based on our recent experience. We now have six aspects/dimensions for an issue:
  • Distribution: Zip | Maven | Eclipse (p2) | Windows
  • Version: 2.1 | 2.2 | 3.0
  • Edition: Android | GAE |GWT | Java SE | Java EE | OSGi
  • Module: Restlet API | Restlet Engine | Forge | Documentation
  • Extension: Atom | Crypto | ...
  • State: new | analysis | implementation | testing | escalated
  • Type: bug | feature | enhancement | task
  • Priority: critical | high | medium | low
Work still has to be done to properly label existing issues, but when you enter new issues, please try to properly set the labels for each dimension.

I've also cleaned up our milestones so provide the realistic set of issues that we are working on instead of the desired set. We will now use the "Priority" level to express this.

Here is the current set of milestones we have:
Best regards,