Download error when using HttpServletResponse through ServletUtils

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Download error when using HttpServletResponse through ServletUtils

This code only works with Firefox:

         public void run(Representation entity) {
             HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse = null;
             try {
                 httpServletResponse =
                 OutputStream buffOs = new
                 CountingOutputStream countingOutputStream = new
                 OutputStreamWriter outputWriter = new
"File Transfer");
                         "attachment;filename=\"" + FILE_NAME + ".csv\"");
                 CSVFunction method = new CSVFunction(outputWriter);
                 System.out.println("TOTAL BYTES: " +
countingOutputStream.getCount() + "");
             } catch (Exception e) {

I have tried Chrome and Opera browsers but all of those are throwing a
Download error. The `CSVFunction` takes a bit of time to finish,
processing around 30K rows. I wonder why Firefox can handle this
properly and while Chrome and Opera cannot. The only time this works
with Chrome is if I force the row processing to say 200 rows only (fast)
then it works and returns the CSV generated.

What could be wrong here? Is there a workaround that this could work
with Chrome?

*The CSVFunction is basically based on*

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