Discussions moving to the new Google Group!

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Discussions moving to the new Google Group!

Guillaume Laforge
Hi all,

This Tigris-based mailing-list was the last element still hosted at Tigris, and we've decided to move the list to a brand new Google Group!

Here's the URL of the framework-discuss at restlet dot org group:

From now on, please post your questions, suggestions, contributions, etc, on the new mailing-list.

If you haven't been added to the new Google Group, please don't hesitate to subscribe to it!
As we can't easily export the list of accounts from our old Tigris lists, we might have missed some of you. So please double check that you can continue the discussion with us on the new mailing-list!

Thanks a lot for your attention, and looking forward to fruitful discussions there!

Guillaume Laforge
Product Ninja & Advocate