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Niclas Hedhman
I am having problem that string and number are recognized as valid application/json and Restlet returns a ERROR 500 before my code is called. For instance a payload of "8" (with or with quotes) on a PUT to

@Put( "json" )
<T> void store( InputRepresentation value );

I am using the jackson extension (2.10.1) and version 2.4.1 of restlet.

Is this due to following RFC4627 where
 JSON-text = object / array
which is incorrect and superceded by RFC7159 followed by RFC8259 which defines it as
 JSON-text = ws value ws
Jackson itself handles it (perhaps even more than it should);
Object a = new ObjectMapper().readValue( "12", Integer.class);
Object b = new ObjectMapper().readValue( "\"12\"", Integer.class);
Object c = new ObjectMapper().readValue( "\"12\"", String.class);
Object d = new ObjectMapper().readValue( "12", String.class);
System.out.println(a.getClass() + " " + a);
System.out.println(b.getClass() + " " + b);
System.out.println(c.getClass() + " " + c);
System.out.println(d.getClass() + " " + d);
class java.lang.Integer 12
class java.lang.Integer 12
class java.lang.String 12
class java.lang.String 12

(other operations such as getting tokens, readTree and so on also works)

OR is it something I completely missed to make it work?


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