Basic Authentication issue with Restlet 2.2 version

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Basic Authentication issue with Restlet 2.2 version

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We migrated from Restlet 1.1.5 version to Restlet 2.2 version. while making restcall using basic authentication, i am getting below error.

Caused by: FATAL Alert:BAD_CERTIFICATE - A corrupt or unuseable certificate was received.
        at com.certicom.tls.interfaceimpl.TLSConnectionImpl.fireException(Unknown Source)
        at com.certicom.tls.interfaceimpl.TLSConnectionImpl.fireAlertSent(Unknown Source)
        at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.HandshakeHandler.fireAlert(Unknown Source)
        at com.certicom.tls.record.handshake.HandshakeHandler.handleHandshakeMessages(Unknown Source)
        at com.certicom.tls.record.MessageInterpreter.interpretContent(Unknown Sour

my code:

Context context = new Context();
                Client client = new Client(context, Protocol.HTTPS);
                ChallengeResponse challenge = new ChallengeResponse(ChallengeScheme.HTTP_BASIC, "username","Password");
                context.getParameters().add("socketConnectTimeoutMs", "5000");
                context.getParameters().add("readTimeout","10000" );
                Response response = resource.getResponse();
                Representation rep = resource.get();

Appreciate quick help.