Authorization with Restlet JAX-RS Extension

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Authorization with Restlet JAX-RS Extension

I have an application which uses restlet 2.2 and JAX-RS extension which can provide authentication. However I couldn't add authorization to it. This is my code which is in a class that extended from

    Context childContext = component.getContext().createChildContext();
    JaxRsApplication application = new JaxRsApplication(childContext);
    application.setStatusService(new ErrorStatusService());
    childContext.getAttributes().put(NUTCH_SERVER, this);
    ChallengeAuthenticator challengeGuard = new ChallengeAuthenticator(null, ChallengeScheme.HTTP_BASIC, "REST API Realm");

    //Create in-memory users with roles
    MemoryRealm realm = new MemoryRealm();
    User user = new User("user", "user");
    realm.getUsers().add(user);, Role.get(null, ""));
    User owner = new User("admin2", "nutch");
    realm.getUsers().add(owner);, Role.get(null, "admin"));

    //Attach verifier to check authentication and enroler to determine roles

My resource classes are annotiated with @Path annotation as well. How can I add role based authentication into it?

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