A problem of GAE server

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A problem of GAE server

Dexter Chou
I am compiling the first application according the User Guide. When I run the server as a web application, the error is "Project 'gae' is missing required library:'lib/org.restlet.gwt.jar'".(My project's name is gae.)
I can't find this jar among the restlet-*.zips.
And 'org.restlet.client' is also can't be fund as shown in the picture.

APP Engine - 1.9.3
GWT - 2.6.0
java environment is jre8

I'm new in restlet, please give me detail help.
Thank you very very much.


=?UTF-8?Q?QQ=E5=9B=BE=E7=89=8720140428212552.jpg?= (95K) Download Attachment
=?UTF-8?Q?QQ=E5=9B=BE=E7=89=8720140428212639.jpg?= (95K) Download Attachment